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Mac Miller


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  • All Prints are numbered, include original stamps and RojasLeon's signature.
  • The art prints are made of museum quality paper and intervention by hand with markers and spray by RojasLeon that is why no replica is the same as the other.
  • Over 100 year warranty on all art prints.
  • Limited edition of 100 units
  • When it runs out it's gone forever.
  • Made in Chile - Shipping WorldWide
  • When you add a frame, you get "ready to hang" artwork right out of the box. We make each frame by hand so you get a professional frame included in the price.
  • We do not have resellers: all RojasLeon artworks are sold exclusively at


Fulfillment - 1-2 Business Days

EU Shipping - 7-15 Business Days

US Shipping - 7 - 15 Business Days

Rest of the World - 7-15 Business Days.

Shipping Partners; Fedex, UPS & DPD.

Lifetime Warranty

We work with the highest quality standards in ink and paper. This means that each work that you take home has an approximate duration of 100 years.